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Halo:Ghosts of Onyx (ヘイロー:ゴーストズ・オブ・オニキス)エリック・ニルンドによって執筆された、ヘイロー・シリーズを題材としたアメリカ小説である。

あらすじ 編集


The story begins with a group of SPARTAN-IIIs of Beta Company being deployed to a Covenant fleet refueling depot in the year 2545. They destroy the facility, but due to unexpectedly heavy Covenant resistance, all but two of the three hundred SPARTAN-IIIs are wiped out. The two survivors, Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091, are revealed to be only twelve years old,

26世紀2545年国連スペース・コマンドコヴナントの戦争は継続し、人類の敗北が濃厚になりつつあった。 コヴナントの侵攻を少しでも遅らせるため、UNSCはスパルタン部隊をコヴナント艦隊が停泊するベータ・カンパニーの燃料補給基地に送り込み、補給基地ごと敵を粉砕するという作戦を実行に移した。 300人編成のスパルタンⅢは順調に作戦を遂行していたが、不意にコヴナントの激しい抵抗を受けてしまい、スパルタン部隊は全滅してしまう。たったふたりの生存者を除いて。

二人の名前はトムB292とルーシーB091. なお、二人はまだ12歳である。

キャラクター 編集

フレッド 104 (Senior Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-II Fred-104)
ケリー 087 (Petty Officer Second Class SPARTAN-II Kelly-087)
リンダ 058 (Petty Officer Second Class SPARTAN-II Linda-058)
ウィル 043 (Petty Officer Second Class SPARTAN-II Will-043)
キャサリン・エリザベス・ハルシー博士 (Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey)
フランクリン・メンデス (Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez)
カート・アンブローズ (Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose)

ストーリー 編集

with Lucy rendered mute by the battle. The action then moves back to the year 2531 during a raid by the SPARTAN-II Blue Team on a human rebel base to recover stolen United Nations Space Command (UNSC) nuclear warheads. The team is nearly captured by a rebel ambush, but is saved by the timely intervention of Kurt-051. The story then jumps ahead to a meeting between Army Colonel James Ackerson and the top leadership of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). In this meeting, ONI leadership reveals that the SPARTAN-II program is prohibitively expensive; Ackerson plans a more stream-lined, "disposable" breed of SPARTANS has to be trained for special operations- the SPARTAN-III program. The new round of SPARTANs are trained by Franklin Mendez, the SPARTAN-IIs' trainers, as well as Kurt-051. The SPARTAN-III project is headquartered on a secret ONI colony planet called Onyx, where there is also an archaeological excavation of Forerunner ruins, in an area known as Zone 67. When a company of SPARTAN-IIIs goes missing in Zone 67, it is declared off-limits to all personnel.

Like the SPARTAN-IIs, the SPARTAN-III candidates undergo radical cybernetic and biological enhancements and are outfitted with special armor (though it is not as powerful as the SPARTAN-II MJOLNIR armor). The first SPARTAN-III company, Alpha Company, proves to be a startling success, but is wiped out when deployed to destroy a Covenant orbital shipyard in 2537. Shaken by the massacre of his troops, Kurt improves the training regimen for his next batch of SPARTAN-III recruits, but again they die en masse during their operations. Ambrose then institutes a medical procedure with the consent of Colonel Ackerson on the third group of SPARTAN-IIIs, Gamma Company. The procedure significantly alters their brain chemistry and enhances the SPARTAN-IIIs primitive survival responses in times of extreme stress. The modifications are illegal, having been outlawed by the UNSC Medical Corps in 2513 due to fears that brain alterations could lead to hyperaggression, psychosis and death without proper medication that must be taken to counteract these chemicals periodically. On October 31, 2552, Gamma Company conducts a training exercise near Zone 67 on Onyx. They find themselves and other UNSC personnel under attack by an unidentified class of alien robotic drones. The only humans left are Kurt, Mendez, and elements of Gamma Company.

Meanwhile, Dr. Catherine Halsey and Kelly-087 arrive in the Onyx system. As they near the surface of the planet they are attacked by more of the unidentified robot drones and crash, meeting up with the human survivors of the attacks. Halsey identifies the robotic drones as Forerunner Sentinels from Cortana's logs made during the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. Halsey sends a message back to Earth, which is still besieged by Covenant; Lord Hood sends the SPARTAN-IIs Fred-104, Linda-058, and Will-043 to Onyx. A Covenant fleet, commanded by Voro 'Mantakree, follow the SPARTANs to Onyx.

Meanwhile, at Delta Halo, the Covenant are in the midst of civil war, fighting each other as well as stopping the parasitic Flood from escaping the ringworld. After the battle, Elites intercept Halsey's distress signal and learn of the existence of Onyx and its Forerunner technology. The Covenant fleet and UNSC ships arrive at Onyx and are attacked by the Sentinel defenders of the planet. The entire UNSC fleet at Onyx is destroyed by the ensuing battle, save for one stealth ship, the Dusk, which stays hidden and observes unfolding events. The human forces on Onyx discover a Forerunner city being rapidly uncovered by the Sentinels, and are guided into a massive sphere by Dr. Halsey. She determines that the entire planet is actually a "Shield World" constructed by the Forerunners to protect themselves from the firing of the Halo network. Fighting off Covenant pursuers, they move into the heart of the planet, where they discover that a slipspace rift exists that shunts those that pass through it into a miniaturized Dyson Sphere. As the Covenant close in, Halsey persuades them to enter the rift. Will-043 and the SPARTAN-IIIs Dante and Holly fall fighting off the Covenant, and Kurt promotes Fred-104 to Lieutenant Junior Grade before remaining behind in order to detonate two FENRIS nuclear weapons to stop the Covenant. Hiding at a distance from Onyx, the Dusk watches as Onyx's surface rips apart to reveal that the entire world is constructed of Sentinels, all connected together to provide an impenetrable defense around the Dyson Sphere at the heart of the planet. The Sentinels annihilate the remaining Covenant fleet vessels orbiting the planet and the Prowler is forced to retreat. Fred-104 takes command of the survivors and orders everyone to search for a way to escape the Dyson Sphere



後の2552年10月31日。スパルタン-IIIガンマ・カンパニーの「サーベル・チーム」 「カタナ・チーム」そして「グラディウス・チーム]]のトップ3はオニキスの『ゾーン67』と呼ばれる場所で軍事訓練を行うが・・・

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